Unofficial Step-by-Step Instructions for Adding Your Name to the Alphabetical List

1) Go to

2) The page lists the weekly assignments and the alphabetical list of students.

3) Near the top of the page--just below the page header that shows the CALI logo and green bar-- there is an EDIT button. The EDIT button is the means to add your name to the alphabetical list.

4) Click the EDIT button.

5) A simple web-based editor appears. You will notice the assignments listed. Scroll down until you get to the alphabetical student list.

6) Go to the LETTER corresponding to your last name.

7) Just below the LETTER, type your name.

8) THEN, in the editor (the greyish bar with B I U LINK FILE WIDGET etc. "buttons"), highlight your name and select the LINK button.

9) A new editor option pops up. The new editor option allows your to "activate" the LINK to your homework wiki page. The LINK TEXT should be your name.
The Wiki should be tdlp. The page will be created when you choose ADD LINK.

10) After selecting ADD LINK, you must then select SAVE from the original editing toolbar (the greyish bar with B I U LINK FILE WIDGET etc. "buttons"). That is, there are two steps--a) ADD LINK then b) SAVE the edited information.

11) Use the navigation bar on the RIGHT of the editor screen and click the WIKI HOME Link. Scroll down and your name and link should appear in the list. (If not, you might have forgotten to ADD LINK AND SAVE the edits. This is easy to do.)

(Credit to Shannon Brown for creating this guide.)