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Homework Assignment #3 (done late, just for kicks)
Visit the three court websites – (1) county court, (2) highest state court (e.g. state supreme court) and (3) federal district court in your jurisdiction (or pick a jurisdiction) and find anything you can about their support for e-filing. Also look to see if the court websites provide an online docket/calendar or if they provide forms that can be used online or downloaded and printed.
Answer the following questions in your homework wiki…
1. Does the court support efiling? If yes, what is the best URL?
2. Does the court support efiling for self-representing litigants?
3. Does the court website have an online docket or calendar? (if yes, include a link)
4. Does the court website have any forms that can be used online or downloaded? (if yes, provide a link)

County Court of Santa Clara

1 - Supports e-filing only for "complex" civil litigation cases. This is at their separate e-filing site. These are based on Civil Rule 15.
2 - Each person designated in the case must register, which suggests that people can submit directly, representing themselves.
3 - The court does have a calendar forCivil Law and Motion and Discovery as a pdf. I cannot find a general calendar for the overall docket.
4 - Multiple forms can be downloaded, with lots of information on each and how to submit them.

California Supreme Court

Interestingly, the Supreme court doesn't offer much in the way of e-filing or self-filing. I cannot find a clear calendar either, other than one that just describes which days are for what kinds of arguments. I would not consider this anything close to a docket calendar.
4 - forms are available online, however. It is a drop down of all available forms with just the names of the form. There isn't a whole lot of information about what to do with each form after you download it.