Five good things about a virtual law practice are:
1. Increased ability to serve the needs of client populations for which travel to a law office is restricted by distance, age or disability.
2. Immediate communication with clients in regard to questions or information required for document preparation.
3. Efficiency of time for both lawyer and client resulting in lower costs to client.
4. VLO responds to clients who transact most of their business online.
5. VLO allows lawyers to continue practice which would otherwise be restricted or suspended by family or other personal issues.

Five problem areas.
1. Client confidentiality is easily compromised if lawyer neglects or is not competent in management of online
Security of information.
2. Jurisdictional issues arise related to unauthorized practice of law unless lawyer takes appropriate steps to properly identify the identity and location of client.
3. VLO is not appropriate to litigation or criminal matters where direct representation is required.
4. Extra time and effort is required to establish and maintain lawyer-client relationship where there is no face to face interaction.
5. Traditional law firms provide a structured environment with oversight, mentoring and professional interaction with other lawyers. A VLO requires self-discipline, well designed management practices and outreach to other professionals to maintain competency and avoid isolation.

eLawyering or virtual law practice refers specifically to the delivery of legal services online through a section of a law firm's web site that is a known as a secure "client portal."
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eLawyering is doing legal work - not just marketing - over the Web. Pioneering practitioners have found dramatic new ways to communicate and collaborate with clients and other lawyers, produce documents, settle disputes, interact with courts, and manage legal knowledge. ELawyering encompasses all the ways in which lawyers can do their work using the Web and associated technologies.

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A virtual law firm is a group of lawyers with diverse expertise that are banded together through technological means to provide a suite of services to its clients.

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