Alex Berrio Matamoros' Homework

Assignment 1

Your assignment is to create two lists:
  1. Five good things about running a virtual law practice. What are the advantages over an entirely office-bound practice. What are the efficiencies gained, money made or saved, etc.
    1. Clients can communicate with their attorneys, review documents, etc. outside normal business hours when it is more convenient for them.
    2. Attorneys can take clients that are located outside their surrounding area as long as the client is in a jurisdiction where the attorney is licensed, leading to a much larger possible client pool.
    3. Clients can save money through unbundled legal services.
    4. Attorneys may not need to lease as much office space, or any at all if they work out of their homes, saving themselves money.
    5. Attorneys may hire virtual staff support and reduce their payroll expenses in the process.
  2. Five things that could go wrong running a virtual law practice. What are the mistakes you can make, problems you could encounter, issues raised, etc.
    1. A client could fraudulently represent his identity as the identity of another person and it is not as easy to verify the person's identify when not interacting face-to-face.
    2. The attorney cannot offer comprehensive legal services if they run a virtual-only law practice.
    3. The attorney needs to be more vigilant of ethical problems that can arise specific to virtual law practice.
    4. Data security becomes a greater issue when every single client document is stored on server.
    5. Use of digital practice software as a service (SaaS) hosted by third parties opens the attorney up to a greater risk of data security breach or unauthorized access to private and confidential client information.

Search the web and find at least three definitions for “Virtual Law Practice”, “Digital Law Practice” and/or “eLawyering”. Copy/paste the definitions into your homework wiki with a link back to the place you found.

  1. Virtual law firm: a group of lawyers with diverse expertise that are banded together through technological means to provide a suite of services to its clients.

  2. "virtual law firm" is becoming a way of describing a law firm that delivers legal services in a new and innovative way.
  3. A “virtual law firm” or “virtual law office” is characterized by access by the firm’s clients to a password protected and secure web space where both the attorney and client may interact and legal services are consumed by the client.