Homework Assignment #2

  1. In your wiki homework page, list (at least) FIVE benefits/advantages to Document Automation.
Training and continuing education
Doing the work with less efforts
Job satisfaction
Process improvement

  1. In your wiki homework page, list (at least) FIVE pitfalls/problems/barriers to Document Automation.
Computer errors
Lost data if computer softwares are not available
Needing more training to understand softwares functions
Unexpected delays or server issues with document automation
Possible privacy concerns
Test at least two document automation websites and write a memo (or whatever you choose to call it) capturing your impressions.

The first website http://www.goodwinfoundersworkbench.com/ is the company Goodwin Founders. This website provided gradually with detailed instructions on how to create documents for starting a corporation. The website was very effective and by adding details about the new corporation, the website was able to automatically generate important forms needed to begin a corporation. Prior to being to use there is an extensive terms of agreement that one has to read and agree upon that provides information about the company and the services that they are providing. The website provided functions as being able to save the answers and uploading the answers to have a preview of how the documents will look after being generated. I feel that this website’s ability to generate these documents were efficient and very easy to understand. It took no time to generate these forms and I was very satisfied with the quality of the produced documents.

The second website is http://www.wsgr.com/wsgr/display.aspx?sectionname=practice/termsheet.htmfrom Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (“WSGR”). This website provides a financial sheet generator based on a questionnaire. Similar to the Goodwin Founders,
WSGR proves a term agreement with specific details of the services that they are providing which one must agree prior to being using the generator. While using the generator, the website provides tutorials as well as extensive details than found in other applications. Additionally, similar to Goodwin you can save the information and come back to complete the questionnaire. I was also satisfied with the way the website was easy to understand and use. The basic tutorials also are a plus because it provided gradually on legal languages that many might not be familiar to these terms, which made it efficient to answer the questions.