Scott Winterstein's Homework

5 Advantages of a VLO

Eco-friendly, paperless, less office waste
Greater work/life balance and flexibility
Ability to expand client base across jurisdictions; competitive advantage
Flexibility to transition between different phases in life and career to meet professional and personal needs.

5 Risks of a VLO

Security of technology, including third-party controal and storage of law office data
Retention and return of law office data
Competency of providing unbundled legal services
Unauthorized practice of law in other jurisdictions.

Kimbro, Stephanie L., Virtual Law Practice How to Deliver Legal Services Online, Chicago, American Bar Association, 2010, Print.

3 Definitions of a Virtual Law Practice

A virtual law firm is a group of lawyers with diverse expertise that are banded together through technological means to provide a suite of services to its clients.

Virtual Law Practice - a professional law practice that exists online through a secure portal and is accessible to the client and the attorney anywhere the parties may access the Internet.

Virtual law practice is one form of e-lawyering that is facilitated by
the use of software as a service (“SaaS”), one form of cloud computing.
virtual law practice is a professional law practice where both the client and
the attorney communicate through a secure online client portal, accessible
anywhere the parties may access the Internet.