Homework Assignment #1
Part 1
5 Good Things about a Virtual Law Practice
  1. Work from any place with wi-fi
  2. Ideal for new solo law practice
  3. No rent for a brick and mortar building
  4. Files in the cloud - less to take when you travel
  5. Freedom to travel or live out of the state where you practice

5 Bad Things about a Virtual Law Practice
  1. May not have an official place to go to work
  2. People take you less seriously
  3. Cybersecurity concerns
  4. Concerns clients won't be comfortable using the portal
  5. Hard to have a large law firm that's 100% virtual

Part 2
Definitions of Virtual Law

eLawyering = "a law firm that delivers legal services online."

Virtual law firm = "characterized by access by the firm’s clients to a password protected and secure web space where both the attorney and client may interact and legal services are consumed by the client. "

Virtual law office = "secure, professional method of delivering legal services online that is accessible to the client and the attorney anywhere they may access the Internet"