Homework Assignment #4

  1. Define two (2) discrete tasks that could be “unbundled” from different areas of law practice.
Court coaching-assisting a client with court proceedings or representing themselves in court specifically in small claims court
Advice on alternative means of setting a dispute
  1. Define a task that lends itself to being converted into a “digital application?” such as a website, smart phone app or downloadable program.
Online questionnaires used to gather initial information about the clients and the services that they are seeking. It helps the law firm save hours from gathering information and being to do the legal research in preparing for the case or the services that are being rendered.
  1. List some of the risks (least three) involved in “unbundling legal services?”
Ethical issues can arise
Client may not fully understand what “unbundling legal services” are and may be hesitate to agree to the terms of the agreement
Issues with the technology that may not be “user friendly” for some clients, which most clients will not like to, use.

  1. Think of a “digital application” that could automate a legal task, AND bundled with legal advice to be sold for a fixed fee? (re-bundling concept). Describe it in your homework.
Creating a will and/or estate can be used in a digital application and bundled with legal advice. A client may answer general questions used to create a will and/or estate based on a template. After generating the draft will, a lawyer and/or a paralegal can review the draft will and then can provide legal advice to finalize the legal document for a fixed fee.